deck II Product Overview
Product Overview

Our Deck II is an efficient load management system that helps you cut shipping costs and freight damage while increasing your trailers cargo space and load flexibility.

In your trailers or containers, Deck II combines high strength and rugged durability to double your usable floor space. It's merits really shine through with shipments of crushable, non-stackable, and odd-sized cargo. The double-load floor becomes a protective barrier and can carry up to 30,000 extra pounds (in a 45' trailer), so you get bigger shipments and fewer damage claims.

It's versatility can take the punishment of rough handling and the constant stress of varied load and load conditions, and at 68 pounds per deck, easily allows one man to load and unload the entire shipment.

We've also covered the little details: Completely compatible with all types of doors and restraining bars. Installs in any width trailer or container, new or used, with or without inside posts, in reefers and FRP's.

Installation:  In trailers or containers, new or used, folding or rollup doors, and with various cargo restraining bars. Insulated vans and FRP’s. Can be outfitted at our Chicago or Detroit locations, or can be easily installed in about 18 hours in your own shop at great savings.