deck II
Deck II Specifications

Deck Width:

24 Inches
Interior Width: Deck II fits any interior width
Deck Thickness: 2¾ Inches
Deck Weight: 68 lbs. per deck, approx. 2054 lbs. in a 53’ trailer
Materials: High strength structural aluminum with steel clad ½ inch plymetal
Rated Capacity: 1500 lbs. per deck (uniformly distributed) 4x4 pallets cover 2 decks
End Fittings: Solid steel end fittings standard, and a unique new fitting available for FRP trailers
Compatibility: Deck II can be installed in Van Body Trucks, Straight Trucks and all types of Semi-Trailers
Number of decks: 22 decks per 48’ trailer
24 decks per 53’ trailer
Space Occupied: Approx. 65 cubic feet when decks are up
Suitable for Shipping: Crushable, non-stackable or split loads
Bagged products and LTL freight
Office equipment and computers
Installation: In trailers/containers, new/used, folding/rollup doors, and with various cargo restraining bars